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    Preparing for Delivery


    Delivery day is very exciting but can seem a bit chaotic. But with just a little planning, everything will go much smoother when the delivery truck arrives.


    In the days leading up to delivery, begin thinking about how you will handle your shipment.

    Making room:

    A typical kitchen cabinet shipment will consist of a dozen or so boxes of various shapes and sizes. Boxed cabinets take up more space than you think. Make sure to clear a space that is temperature controlled, dry, covered, and secure for your cabinetry to be stored until you are ready for install. Typically, a garage area does not make a good place to store your cabinets. With your purchase of Cardell Designer and Cornerstone cabinetry, ‘FREE Delivery’ includes delivery to a single room or area of your home that you choose.

    Smart Stacking:

    If you are limited on space and must stack boxes, always place the smaller, lighter, boxes on the top to reduce the chances of damage.


    When your cabinetry arrives, please make sure an adult is there to accept delivery. Doors will be open as people come in and out of your home during delivery so think of ways to keep children safely out of the way and don’t forget about pets too.

    Verify your order:

    Your delivery driver will provide you with a packing slip. It is a good idea to have your invoice receipt on hand as well. Each box will have a shipping label which displays the item’s SKU. Use this to check in all the items coming off the truck, on both the packing slip and your invoice.

    Look for signs of damage:

    You won’t have time to open and inspect each carton during delivery. But you should check each carton for visible tears, crumpled corners, or water stains. If you notice any, ask your driver to open that package for a more detailed inspection. Be sure to note any damaged items on your packing slip before you sign off on the delivery.


    If you do run into an issue, please contact Cardell Guest Services by calling 888-221-3872 or by emailing MenardsCare@cabinetworksgroup.com.